Manager   •   over 8 years ago


We are in the process of expanding into the second floor of our facility. Our green LEED certified building is a wonderful resource in central East Austin used by partners, clients, fellow nonprofits, and our own staff to hold events, meetings, training sessions, and mentor activities. Our walls foster ideas, small business innovation, and spur entrepreneurs to take their business to new heights. We are very excited about the potential our expanded space can offer to our mission, but managing two conference rooms is taxing on our office manager, who also oversees payroll, human resources, operations, and IT. We need help with an online calendar application that would enable our staff, partners, and clients to see when the conference room is available, make a reservation that is viewable by other individuals, and if applicable, make a payment for reserving the space. We would like to use our space to help fundraise by charging for-profits a nominal fee for the space to cover staff time and cleaning expenses. As it presently stands, our office manager manually makes all reservations, handles payments over the phone, and handles all availability inquiries via phone or email since the calendar isn’t publically visible. We’d love to develop a transparent process that everyone can use.


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