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Announcing the winners

The votes are in! Go to the gallery to congratulate the winners and check out all of the excellent submissions.

Even though the competition is over, don't stop hacking. Use your portfolio to keep your project up to date and get feedback from fellow makers.

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Timeline updated

Hi All,


Due to timezone differences challengepost had wrong alerts. Times have been updated as per Eastern standard time. Thanks,



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check-in for

Please accept invitations to memberships. All you write access should start working after you accept invite. There was a bug that I just fixed so please try again.




OpportunityHack Team

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Final steps for today..

Hope you are still awake and enjoying hacking towards your final solutions. Please review the following few things relevant for today.




  • Teams who have not submitted their code into their Opportunity Hack Github repo would not be eligible for judging.
  • Teams should be checking in their code into their Opportunity Hack Github repo before 2:00 pm.
  • All updates (including links to GitHub, presentations, team information, etc.) to ChallengePost must be submitted by hitting the "Submit For Review" or "Save" buttons by 2:45 pm to be considered for judging. One person submitting all materials…

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Contact number for late night hack!!!



We have one member from the organizing committe(Me) staying for the night here.

If you need something please reach out to me at 979-571-2813.




almost 9 years ago

Registration and check-in

All participants please come to building A of 7700 w parmer to complete the registration and check in process. Breakfast os served there as well...

please contact us at 979-571-2813. 



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Liability Release Form

Please take a couple of mins to look at the liability release form and sign your name at the bottom

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Ideas from participating non-profits have been posted to Discussions. If you'd like to be on a team hacking for one of these ideas, participate in the team formation session on the morning of the event (schedule can be found here)

If you have an idea you'd like to submit as a participant, the idea must meet these criteria:
1. It must  serve a disadvantaged population or  address a broad social issue (e.g. Health care, Education), and
2. It must meet the needs of the target audience

If your idea  meets these criteria and you'd like to form a

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Detailed Schedule

Saturday (October 18th)
•       8:00AM     Doors open for check-in
•       9:00AM     Opening ceremony
•       9:30AM     Project pitches
•       10:30AM   Team formation
•       11:00AM   The Hackathon begins!
•       Noon -       Lunch is served - Vendor TBD
•       2:00PM     Hacking Continues
•       6:00PM     Dinner is served 
Sunday (October 19th)
•       Midnight   Midnight pizza served
•       8:00AM   Breakfast is served
•       8:00AM   SME available (3 hours)
•       Noon       Lunch is served 
•       2:00PM   Hackathon ends
•       2:45PM   Presentations due
•       3:15PM   Judging
•       4:30PM   Closing Keynote
•       5:00PM   Winners are announced / Prizathon!

almost 9 years ago

10$ for every friend that you bring to the Hackathon

If helping NPO's fix problems, meeting new people, great food over a weekend is not attractive enough, we are offering 10$ referral bonus for every friend you bring to the event. There is a limit of 50$ that we can pay to each individual. So try to bring more of your friends for a weekend of hacking, networking and fun, walk off with a satisfaction of helping the community and 50$ :D