•   over 8 years ago

Tinder-like App to Adopt Puppies (and other pets)

Make it easier to find, share, adopt, donate to animal NPO's.

Web-app (or native) that allows people:
- Login with Facebook
- Like tinder, scroll left and right to find a pet to adopt, support.
- Request more information about the pet, schedule a visit.
- Give a pet a meal (allow users to donate to specific pets with PayPal.)

Web-app that allows NPO's:
- Log in with FB
- Upload photos
- Receive requests from people interested in adopting
- Receive micro-donations to specific pets

I am looking for a full team of front-dev, back-end, design, and overall awesomeness!

*This idea is not set in stone... would love to improve the scope, tomorrow morning.


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